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1. Beyond Futility: The Filipino as Critic (New Day Publishers, 1984) – study of Philippine literary criticism
2. Movie Times (National Book Store, 1984) – collection of essays and reviews of Philippine films
3. Josephine at iba pang Dula [Josephine and Other Plays] (De La Salle UP, 1988) – collection of five original plays in Filipino: Halimaw [Monster], Josephine, Marjorie, Kuwadro [Portrait], and Marissa
4. Tatlong Dula mula sa Southeast Asia [Three Plays from Southeast Asia] (Solidaridad Publishing House and Toyota Foundation, 1988) – translation into Filipino of three Southeast Asian plays: Utuy Sontani’s Si Kabayan, Usman Awang’s Tamu di-Bukit Kenny, and Lee Joo For’s Son of Zen
5. Once a Hunter, Always a Hunter: Jaime N. Ferrer as Public Servant (Jaime N. Ferrer Foundation, 1994) – biography of assassinated cabinet member
6. A Dictionary of Philippine English (Anvil Publishing, 1995) – with Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista; comic dictionary of Philippine english words
7. The Alfredo E. Litiatco Lectures of Isagani R. Cruz (De La Salle UP, 1996) – edited by David Jonathan Y. Bayot; collection of annual professorial chair lectures in Filipino and English
8. Building a Nation: Private Education in the Philippines (Fund for Assistance to Private Education, 1997) – coffee-table history of private schools
9. Pito-Pito (De La Salle UP, 2001) – Centennial award-winning sarswela (musical play); part of Centennial Literary Awards Series
10. Tao (De La Salle UP, 2001) – adaptation into Filipino of Everyman
11. Quest for Justice: The Testament of Anthony C. Aguirre (Anthony C. Aguirre Memorial Foundation, 2001) – biography of Banco Filipino banker
12. Bukod na Bukod (University of the Philippines Press, 2003) – collection of critical essays in Filipino; chosen as a University of the Philippines Press Centennial Publication, 2008
13. The Basic Education Curriculum in 17 Easy Lessons (Anvil Publishing, 2003) – collection of newspaper columns on the 2001 revision of the Philippine curriculum for elementary and high schools
14. The Lovely Bienvenido N. Santos (University of the Philippines, 2005) – anthology of two plays: The Lovely Bienvenido N. Santos and Bienvenido, My Brother
15. Ms. Philippines (De La Salle UP, 2005) – musical play on beauty contests
16. Tagalog-Filipino Glosari: Pantulong sa Estudyante sa Hayskul (C&E Publishing, 2009) – with Lakangiting Garcia; Tagalog-English glossary
17. The Other Other (Far Eastern University Publications, 2010) – edited by David Jonathan Y. Bayot; collection of scholarly articles
18. In Good Hands: The Metrobank Story (Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, 2010) – coffee-table history of one of the biggest Philippine banks
19. Quezon City: The Rise of Asia’s City of the Future (Studio 5, 2010) – with Paulo G. Alcazaren, Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, Manuel L. Quezon III, and Regina A. Samson; coffee-table history and state of Quezon City, Philippines
20. Father Solo and Other Stories for Adults Only (Anvil Publishing, 2011) – collection of short stories
21. The State and/of the School: An Autobiographical Academic History (De La Salle University and C&E Publishing, 2012) – fourth volume in the series The De La Salle University Story; history of the university from 1970 to 2012
22. The Pepsi Challenge: A Journey of Remarkable Resilience (Studio 5, 2012) – with Janet B. Villa; coffee-table history of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.
23. Lucio C. Tan: A Gem of a Man (Xinhua Publishing House) – coffee-table biography with photographs of the second wealthiest Filipino (in press)


1. A Short History of Theater in the Philippines (Philippine Educational Theater Association and Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1971) – anthology of research studies on Philippine theater
2. Manila: History, People and Culture: The Proceedings of the Manila Studies Conference (De La Salle UP, 1989) – edited with Wilfrido V. Villacorta and Ma. Lourdes Brillantes; interdisciplinary anthology of articles on Manila
3. Love Letters of the Fifties (Bookmark, 1990) – revised edition of Love Letters that Win the Heart (Capitol Publishing House, 1953), edited by Virginia Briones and Feli. Feliciano
4. 1001 Reasons to Stay in the Philippines (Aklat Peskador, 1993) – with Lydia B. Echauz; compilation of patriotic comments from hundreds of Filipinos
5. Reading Bienvenido N. Santos (De La Salle UP, 1994) – with David Jonathan Bayot; interviews and essays
6. DLSU 2001: De La Salle University and National Development (De La Salle UP, 1995) – with Trinidad S. Osteria; essays
7. Reading Cirilo F. Bautista (De La Salle UP, 1995) – with David Jonathan Bayot; interviews and essays
8. Creative Economists: Selections from Creative Writing Classes in the College of Business and Economics, De La Salle University (De La Salle UP, 1996) – with Elyria C. Bernardino; poems, short stories, and plays by economics students
9. The J. William Fulbright Memorial Lectures 1995-1996 (Philippine Fulbright Scholars Association, 1996) – lectures and directory of Filipino Fulbrighters
10. According to Raul Roco (Roco for President Movement, 1997) – with Edna Z. Manlapaz and Wilma Vitug Lacaba; excerpts from speeches and statements of Raul S. Roco
11. The Edith Tiempo Reader (University of the Philippines Press, 1999) – with Gemino H. Abad, Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, Alfred Yuson, and Edna Zapanta Manlapaz; selections from the works of Edith L. Tiempo
12. The J. William Fulbright Memorial Lectures 1997-1998 (Philippine Fulbright Scholars Association, 2000) – second volume of lectures of Filipino Fulbrighters
13. The Best Philippine Short Stories of the Twentieth Century: An Anthology of Fiction in English (Tahanan Books, 2000) – collection of fifty best stories in English by Filipinos
14. In Our Own Words: Filipino Writers in Vernacular Languages (De La Salle UP and Toyota Foundation, 2000) – anthology of interview transcripts and texts by Filipino writers writing in vernacular languages
15. PAASCU Directory (Libro Amigo Publishers, 2008) – directory of member schools of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities
16. Remembering Brother Andrew (Libro Amigo Publishers, 2008) – album of photographs and quotations of Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC
17. Philippines 2006 (Libro Amigo Publishers and National Commission for Culture and the Arts, 2008) – book on International Theatre Institute congress and festival held in the Philippines
18. Ageless at FEU: Lourdes R. Montinola (Far Eastern University Publications, 2009) – book in honor of Board Chair of Far Eastern University
19. Turning Back the Pages: Selected Miscellany, by Rosalinda L. Orosa (Manila Times Publishing, 2010) – personal anthology
20. The Palanca Hall of Fame Anthology (Libro Amigo Publishers, 2010) – collection of works by members of the Hall of Fame of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in Literature


1. The DLSU Graduate Journal 12/1 (1987), 12/2 (1987), 13/1 (1988), De La Salle University Graduate School of Education, Arts, and Sciences
2. CETA Journal 5/1 (1988), College English Teachers Association; with Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta
3. DLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studies 28/1 (January 2003), De La Salle UP


1. Effective Communication in English (JMC Press, 1982) – with Araceli C. Hidalgo, Cesar A. Hidalgo, and Lina Picache Enriquez; first-year college English textbook
2. Ang Ating Panitikan [Our Literature] (Goodwill, 1984) – with Soledad S. Reyes; for college survey courses in Philippine literature; first textbook to include literary texts translated from regional languages and Chinese
3. Filipino para sa Pilipino [Filipino for Filipinos], 4 volumes (Phoenix Publishing House, 1989) – for high school; first textbook to use mostly canonical texts
4. Poems and Stories for College Students (De La Salle UP, 1995) – selected texts for the first course in literature on the tertiary level
5. Ang Literatura ng Filipinas / The Literatures of the Philippines (Commission on Higher Education, 1997) – handbook for teachers of the first literature course on the college level (Project Director)
6. Ang Literatura ng Mundo / The Literatures of the World (Commission on Higher Education, 1997) – handbook for teachers of the second literature course on the college level (Project Director)
7. Tekstong Patnubay sa Pag-aaral ng Florante at Laura, by Revimarc L. de Mesa (C&E Publishing, 2002); consultant
8. Chess for Filipino Children (Phoenix Publishing House, 2009) – edited; textbook for chess for Grade 3; by Rolando R. Dizon FSC and Jessie C. Sanchez
9. Mapusog na Bikolano 1: Reading and Writing in the Mother Tongue (C&E Publishing, 2012) – with Abdon M. Balde Jr. and Angelita G. Santos; textbook for Grade 1 for Bikol-speaking children
10. Baskog na Binisaya 1: Reading and Writing in the Mother Tongue (C&E Publishing, 2013) – with Grace R. Monte de Ramos and Angelita G. Santos; textbook for Grade 1 for Cebuano-speaking children
11. Nasalun-at nga Iluko 1: Reading and Writing in the Mother Tongue (C&E Publishing, 2013) – with Brenda B. Corpuz and Angelita G. Santos; textbook for Grade 1 for Ilocano-speaking children
12. Mabaskog nga Hiligaynon 1: Reading and Writing in the Mother Tongue (C&E Publishing, 2013) – with Genevieve L. Asenjo and Angelita G. Santos; textbook for Grade 1 for Hiligaynon-speaking children
13. Malusog na Tagalog 1: Reading and Writing in the Mother Tongue (C&E Publishing, 2013) – with Teresita V. Jacinto and Angelita G. Santos; textbook for Grade 1 for Tagalog-speaking children